Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Working with your pendulum

Here's a few tips for using your pendulum.  When you first buy or receive a pendulum, you need to cleanse it, either by running water over it for a couple of seconds, or smudging it, or setting it on a window sill to catch the moonlight. After this is done, a good idea is to put it under your pillow for 3 nights.  In this way, its vibration becomes attuned to yours and you will find it will work better for you.

When first using a pendulum, you want to determine which way it will swing for “yes” and “no”.  So, holding it in your predominant hand, ask it “Show me yes”, same thing for no “Show me no”.  There is no one correct way for the pendulum to signal yes or no.  For some people, it will swing front and back for yes, and it will swing in a circle for no (either clockwise or counterclockwise) or it will swing from left to right as if shaking its head “no”. For others it will do the opposite.  Your pendulum signals are personal to you. 

Once you have determined the “yes” and “no” movement of your pendulum, you can test it by asking it a couple of questions that you KNOW the answer to, for example, I would ask it if my name is Carol (which it is).  If it answers correctly then you know that your pendulum is attuned to you.  If it doesn’t answer correctly, throw it back under your pillow for a couple of additional nights to attune to your vibration. 

NOTE:  When you work with a pendulum, always begin by visualizing a protective light surrounding you, be it from God, Goddess, the Universe etc.  A pendulum is a conduit for the other side, and you want only entities that are divine and good to connect with your subconscious.   This brings us to the theories behind the use of a pendulum. One theory is that we all have spirit guides and angel guides.  We also receive guidance from our ancestors and other enlightened entities.  Since our spiritual antenna is not fully developed, we usually don’t hear the messages they want to give us.  Asking questions by using the pendulum enables our guides to give us assistance.

Another theory is that our subconscious is connected to the Universal consciousness and already knows the answer to all our questions.  By using a pendulum, our subconscious gives us the answer. 

When using your pendulum, you have to detach from the anticipated answer.  You have to be willing to accept whatever answer it gives you, whether you like it of not.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to go by what the pendulum says.  You need to use your common sense.  For example, if ever I asked my pendulum if it’s a good idea for me to go bungee jumping with my friends and it said yes, I would probably not go because my common sense tells me that I would not enjoy it.  A pendulum is sort of like a second opinion, if your gut feeling says the opposite, I would go with the gut feeling.

The more you use your pendulum, the more it will be attuned to you and it will be a good tool for seeking answers. 

This is just a short explanation on how to use your pendulum.  There are many good sources of information on the internet and in books.  We sell pendulums at our store: Moonstone Path, 1289 Commissioners Rd. W, London, ON  519-473-6600.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shiva Lingam

The Shiva Lingam is revered by Hindus as the embodiment of Lord Shiva. The stone embodies masculine energy, dynamic expression and knowledge, with the markings being the feminine energy, wisdom and intuition.

Shiva Lingams come from the Narmada River, one of the seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India. The river periodically gives up these stones when the water level drops. The locals living by the river, following generations of tradition, then retrieve these special stones and hand polish them to bring out their individually unique markings.

The ancient practice of Feng Shui uses the sacred Shiva Lingam to direct the energy flow throughout one's home. It purifies the emotional environment in homes and temples. Place a Shiva Lingam in the Relationship/Marriage area of your home to bring you closer to your partner and other family members.

Lingams provide energy for the body, sudden clarity of mind in the face of confusion, the release of energy where there once was blockage, and the experience of self-acceptance, self-worth, happiness, contentment, unconditional love, and compassion.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blood--it's Yours to Give

We've all seen that commercial about donating blood, how it can save a life blah blah blah etc. I know a lot of people who donate blood, my husband being one of them. And I admire them for it. They also vote in municipal elections, rather than stay home comfy/cozy like an unnamed person who I won't name.

Anyway, even though I liked those commercials about donating blood I felt far removed from the whole concept. After all, no-one I knew and loved ever needed blood. Note: I just watched a TED.com video with Brene Brown discussing vulnerability and allowing ourselves to show our true selves...so I may not have portrayed myself in the best light in the above. Just being my true self ya all.

Back to donating blood. Guess who needed a blood transfusion? I am now carrying 2 pints of a stranger's B+ in me. It saved me from having damaged organs in the nick of time. Needless to say, I am grateful to that person who took time out of his/her day to go to the blood donor clinic and have someone stick a needle in them and extract that precious substance from them. Probably got a little woozy and needed a cookie or juice or something. This was done, I'm sure out of a sense of humanity and responsibility and not for the sheer fun of it.

Here's a cute coincidence, last night a young highschooler who was doing his mandatory volunteering dropped off a poster advertising for a Blood Donor Clinic in Byron (where Moonstone Path is located) at the Byron United Church from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, January 11th of this year. He asked if I could put the poster up in our window. What was I gonna say...NO? Just kidding. I would have put it up in the window even if I hadn't needed blood, I'm not completely evil.

So...to all of you who donate blood...thank you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's your typical Canadian Winter

South western Ontario has been receiving a lot of snow lately. If you live in London, ON you know what I mean. Last week we got quite a load of the white stuff, enough to close schools and transit services. We (read Derek) have been shovelling our sidewalk, both at the store and at home way more times than we care to. After a couple of snow free days, it is now again coming down like there is an unlimited supply of the stuff.

I don't like having to deal with snow. I don't like the potential hip breaking fall that may occur, I don't like the insecurity of the car not stopping when I want it to stop, I don't like the cold, I don't like it when the dogs track huge amounts of snow in, thereby necessitating me to wipe all that mess up. And why is it that big dogs love to get up a couple of times through the night just to frolic in the snow. Shae is not my favourite pet these days.

However, here's the thing. A couple of weeks ago before all this snowing started, I was standing in the store looking out the window, and a nostalgic longing welled up in me as I thought about the previous year when I looked out the window and saw all this beautiful snow falling. How pretty it was. How cozy and snug I was standing in our store looking out at this white winter land. It was a longing and an appreciation of the beauty of snow. Not a single thought of inconvenience had entered this thinking. Hmmmmm, is this what manifesting is all about. And if so, I think I know why I am not a multi millionaire as of this moment. Those thoughts about riches are not of the same purity as was the appreciation of the memory I had of the beauty of a snowfall.

And you know, the way the snow lies on the branches of the trees is just absolutely beautiful. This mushy appreciation will probably morph into something else when I have to wade though 4 foot high snowbanks to get to the bus stop.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Husbands can be Evil

Today hubby and I were on our way to the store when we passed a construction site where there was an extremely tall crane, slowly lowering a stepladder to the roof of the building under construction.

With a straight face, my evil husband said “I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy having to climb that stepladder to get into the crane.”

My reply, obviously before my brain caught up to my mouth, was “The guy doesn’t have to climb that ladder they’re probably just lowering it to the roof to use it. He gets in the box thing at the bottom of the crane—he doesn’t control it from the top geeez.”

That’s when I saw his evil smirk. One shouldn’t drive and smirk, I always say.

“You got me good this time” I said. Revenge, when it comes, will be sweet.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trust in the unseen wisdom

Sometimes, or quite often, we don't get what we want. Isn't that absolutely frustrating. I mean... really. We know what we want, or at least have a vague idea of what we want (lots of $$$) or a purpose in life, I guess, or to have a perfect relationship with our mate and family. Or to not have to call in the dog whisperer to straighten out the pooch. Things like that. And when our desires aren't answered (thwarted) we are soooo disappointed.

But, you know, sometimes not getting what we want is probably the best thing. Let me tell you. I recently went to the movies with my daughter and her WONDERFUL boyfriend (he paid for my ticket) and we saw Paranormal Activity II. Now this was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. Scary movies...well...they scare me. So going to a scary movie and watching it on the BIG screen called for seldom used courage. So I took a deep breath and sail to wind (or is that wind to sail) I went to the theatre and courageously watched this supernatural and quite scary movie. I only clutched at my daughter in fear a couple of times. Four to be exact.

The movie ended, I was rattled, but in a good way and, pumped up with bravado, couldn't wait to see the first Paranormal movie, now out on DVD. So the next day Hubs and I went to the DVD store to rent it. None available. DARN! Oh well, we could always get it off Rogers on Demand movies, right. We clicked through all the movies and couldn't find Paranormal Activities. DOUBLE DARN!!

I was soooo disappointed. How could this happen to me. I wanted wanted wanted WANTED to watch this movie and I wanted to watch it NOW. Didn't happen. So we watched other stuff on TV that night and I spent most of the evening fuming at not being able to see the movie I WANTED to see. Oh the injustice of it all.

Fast forward to the next day. As it turned out Hubby had to be at work late the next day, so I was home alone. ALONE. Well technically, both dogs and the cat were home with me, but really that's like being alone when it comes to that protected feeling. I mean, I'm sure that if I was in mortal danger they would come to my rescue as fast as only very old dogs can, not exactly a comfort. The cat would probably sleep right through the whole thing, it being even older than the dogs.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that as I lay in bed surrounded by wheezing, snoring and creaking old animals, I began to hear other sounds. Hubs, as I said was at work. It was really late at night, the wind had picked up, and I'm sure I heard that same anxiety provoking noise that always sounded in the movie just before something nasty was about to happen. Sleep did not stand a chance. As I cowered in bed with the blankets up beneath my chin, eyes darting to and fro searching for something I would probably not want to see in the first place, I realized that watching the first Paranormal Activity movie which my daughter assured me was as scary as the second one, would have been a really bad idea.

Sometimes my plans are thwarted for my own good.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Canoing is not for the inexperienced

Hubby and I went to Stratford (Ontario that is) for a meander by the river. While there I came up with the great idea of renting a canoe ($23 dollars of fun and adventure). My intention was to take the back seat(?) so that I could, you know, have a rest now and then while Derek was paddling from the front. The canoe attendant said that the back was intended for the person doing the steering. Derek and I looked at each other and typical of a woman of my generation I DEFERRED to him. I KNOW!! WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! I guess I was thinking that since hubby looks intelligent he must therefore be clever enough to steer a canoe. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

Granted he's pretty smart about doing exactly what I tell him to do. He is pretty good at math. He has survived 60 years and done very well for himself. He married me. But when it comes to steering a canoe, well...just let me say this:

I apologize to all the other canoe' rs for that adrenaline rush they must have experienced upon seeing a canoe with a grey haired totally inept oldish but stylish couple seeming to deliberately paddle towards them with the intention of causing a headlong crash. I apologize to the gaggle of ducks who, with snarly quacks, had to take flight to avoid being run over by an out of control canoe. To the people on that mini cruise boat: I don't know why you were shouting and pointing so much, after all, we did not ram into you, we managed to get ourselves turned around and avoid this ugly catastrophe with a good six inches to spare. But I do apologize for scaring you half to death.

Next time, I steer.